Big Salty Sundowner NRL22X Match

Welcome to the first annual Big Salty Sundowner NRL22X match hosted on September 30th, 2023.

This match will feature 10 fun and unique stages with distances from 20 to 120 yards with a round count of 150-180 not including zeroing.  Some stages will have round counts up to 20 rounds so additional magazines are highly encouraged.  Magazine changes will be required on several stages.

The Big Salty Sundowner will be broken into two mini-matches, the first 5 stages will be held in the warm afternoon hours with high round counts, challenging timed stages, and fun unique props. Plan on a wide variety of challenging targets including spinners, swinging hangers, and KYL racks.

We will then break for a fantastic evening dinner.

After dinner, the nighttime phase of the match will begin.  Bring your lit reticles and keen eyesight as these 5 stages will run into the dark nighttime hours and include challenging props and hidden targets that will test even the best of shooters.  Be prepared for lots of movement and quick target acquisition!

Match Features:

  • Water and snacks will be available throughout the match.
  • Porta-potties are available on site.
  • Custom match shirts are included for all competitors who complete registration by September 2nd .
  • Dinner is included for all competitors and RO’s.
  • Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 competitors in each class.
  • All stages are easily accessible with carts and are within 300 yards of each other.
  • We will host a maximum of 80 competitors.
  • All stages will be 90 sec. par times.

Because of our limited space, tripods will not be allowed to be used on any stage.  Air Rifles: tethered air tanks will not be allowed. This match will adhere to a “1 bag rule”, meaning that only one support bag can be used during a stage.  This includes a bag attached to the rifle.  All NRL22 rules regarding safety will be strictly enforced, including chamber flags (weed wacker line will be available to anyone who needs some).  Mulligans will not be available at this match.  No white lights are allowed on the staging areas or shooting line during the nighttime portion of the match.  Dim lit red or green lights only.

If you wish to help as an RO we would greatly appreciate it.  RO’s will be able to shoot the COF the day before and will earn NRL22X match points and walk the prize table according to score.

We will have trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each division. Prize table will be walked in the following order:

1st Open Division, 1st Young Gun, 1st Base Division, 1st Lady Division, 1st Air Rifle Division, 1st OG Division

Repeated for 2nd place finishes, then 3rd place finishes, then based off the competitor’s overall match score until all prizes have been depleted.

Match Schedule:

Friday September 29th, 2023 – RO Match, Early check in for competitors

  • 1:30 pm – Check In for all competitors and RO’s
  • 2:00 pm – Zero Range Open for all competitors
  • 3:00 pm – Zero Range closed
  • 3:10 pm – Safety brief for RO’s
  • 3:25 pm – RO match
  • 6:30 pm – RO break for dinner
  • 7:30 pm – RO night match
  • 10:00 pm – Match finish

Saturday September 30th, 2023 – Match Day

  • 1:00 pm – Check In for all competitors and RO’s
  • 2:00 pm – Zero Range Open for all competitors
  • 2:35 pm – Zero Range closed
  • 2:45 pm – Mandatory safety brief for all competitors
  • 3:00 pm – Match starts
  • 6:30 pm – Break for dinner
  • 7:30 pm – Night match
  • 10:00 pm – Match finish, Awards & Prize Table
  • 11:30 pm – Range Gates Close

RO’s – only sign up here if you plan to shoot the match on Friday. If you are going to RO, but not shoot the match, please contact me directly to sign up.

We are limiting the number of RO’s to 20. Contact information is listed above.