Division Definitions

Each competitor can select a division in which they wish to compete in at the beginning of the match. The 6 divisions are Open, Base, Ladies, Young Guns, Old Guns, Air Rifle, and Adaptive. This allows you to compete against your peers. Even though everyone will be shooting the same targets and same props throughout the match, ladies will only be competing against other ladies, Young Guns will only be competing against other Young Guns, etc… Below is the basic information for each division.

Open Division

Open division is the least restrictive and usually the most competitive. Basically: you bring it, you shoot it. The only rifle restriction is that it must be a .22lr caliber rimfire rifle. Any action, chassis or optic is allowed. If you find that you don’t fit into any of the other divisions, you will be placed in this one. Open division is usually the largest and most popular among shooters.

Base Division

Base division was created for the budget minded shooter. To qualify for this division, the combined MSRP of your factory produced rifle and optic must be less than $1,300.00. This price cap does not include accessories such as bipods, scope rings, mounts, triggers, rails, slings, levels, cheek risers, etc. MSRP price is calculated using the published factory MRSP price at the start of the season. Sale prices, special deals, discounts and used prices are not considered.

Ladies Division

Ladies division is for women shooters. Rifle restrictions are the same as Open Division or Air Rifle. Any Air Rifle or .22LR rimfire rifle and optic can be used.

Young Guns

Young Gun Division is for anyone ages 8 to 17 years of age that can safely manipulate a rifle. You must be in this age range at the start of the season to qualify for Young Guns. Rifle restrictions are the same as Open Division or Air Rifle. Any Air Rifle or .22LR rimfire rifle and optic can be used.

Old Guns

Old Guns (OG) Division is for any shooter 60 years or older. Rifle restrictions are the same as Open Division or Air Rifle. Any Air Rifle or .22LR rimfire rifle and optic can be used. OG division can use a modified COF in special circumstances that may be too stressful or not possible by the competitor. Any alteration to any particular stage must be discussed and approved by the Match Director before the match. For fairness, any pre-approved alteration to any stage will also be made available to all other OG competitors. If there are multiple stages that are too difficult for a competitor, the Adaptive Division would be a better option.

Air Rifle Division

Air Rifle class is for air gunners. Your Air Rifle must be a .30 caliber or lower for domed pellets, or .25 caliber or lower if using slugs and, the slugs must weigh 45 grains or less. Tethered tanks are not allowed but you can have a refill tank on site. Projectiles must be mass produced. There is no cost restrictions in the Air Rifle Division.

Adaptive Division

Adaptive division is specifically reserved for shooters that have special needs, considerations, or physical limitations that will not allow them to compete in the COF the way it is designed (example: wheel chair restriction, broken leg, amputation, restrictive movement, etc…). It will be up to the Match Director to determine qualification to this division. The match director will then decide on the proper adjustments to the COF to accommodate the shooter. It is up to the Adaptive participants to have reviewed the course of fire prior to the local match. An Adaptive competitor must be able to safely handle and manipulate their firearm while competing. Please contact the match director in advance to discuss your situation. We can make any modifications necessary to accommodate you at our matches.

Does it really matter?

Division selection is not really all that important. All shooters shoot the same targets and the same Course Of Fire from the same props. Qualifying for a specific division may help you be a little more competitive, but it shouldn’t be a deterrent to coming out and shooting and having fun! You can choose to shoot in any division as long as you qualify for that division, for instance, if you are a lady or a Young Gun, you could choose to compete in the Open Division. Even if you have a Base Division rifle you could choose to compete in the Open Division.

Shooters will score points only for the division you sign up for, so if you are a lady and you sign up for the Ladies Division, but you get the highest overall score for the match, you will only be scored as winner in the Ladies Division. The highest score in the Open Division will be the winner of the Open Division. If you are a young gun and you sign up for the Open Division, you will only be scored in the Open Division even if you earn the highest score in the Young Guns division. Division selection must be made before the match and can not be changed after the match starts. As always, if you have any questions regarding division placement, just let us know.