April 8th, 2023 Match Results

This easter weekend match was a true blessing compared to what we have had to endure the last few months.  The sun finally came out with temperatures hovering around 60 degrees and a light breeze, it looks like spring is finally here!  The easter bunny showed up with his easter basket full of numbers, Peter Cotton-tails hanging from the rafters, and 7 fun packed stages scattered with easter egg (targets) that kept our 60 shooters busy!

Levi Cress didn’t have to hunt too hard to find his easter eggs, shooting an incredible 780.1 points to earn a first place podium spot in OPEN! Way to go Levi with an awesome job against some of the best shooters in the league.  Chris Baxter was only 1 impact behind with 773.0 points for second place and Trevor Johnson left two easter eggs on the range scoring 775.7 for third.  Our top 12 spots had less than 10 impacts spread just to show how tight the competition was.

Peter cottontail wasn’t hiding eggs from our base class shooters as David Roberts finds them easily scoring 673.3 points for 1st.  Jon Thelen, one of our newer shooters pulled down 2nd place silver with 530.0 and right behind him is Mason Brady with an impressive 512.3.

And what about these bunnies with high powered tactical rifles?  That is our Ladies class and you had best keep away from their chocolate!  Kim Garrett lands 12th place overall with an incredible 682.9 points to put her first place Ladies!  Darcy Bangerter and Stephanie Baxter were both hopping side by side behind her with Darcy getting a 3 second jump ahead for 2nd place with 653.2 to Stephanie Baxter’s 650.2. 

Our OG’s season points race is tighter than ever, and these guys are battling it out every month.  This month Carey Palmer is back on top over last month’s winner Alan Robertson.  Carey racks up 691.1 points for 1st place and 10th overall while Alan takes 2nd with 632.7.  Brent Baxter stands proudly on that 3rd place podium spot with 531.6.

Young Guns is our other class that is fun to watch for season points.  Kaylyn Kingston took a bite out of Easton’s lead with an awesome score of 660.1 points.  Landing her 1st place gold.  Beckham Johnson came in fresh with an amazing 510.0 points for 2nd place silver, we hope to see him back for more competitions!  Easton Baugh adds on another 412.3 points to his season lead with 3rd place bronze.

We missed our Air Gunners this weekend as they were all shooting their qualifier match for RMAC coming up quick!  We hope they all did well and hope to have them back next month.

We have 1 more match in May to finish up this season’s points race.  This will be our first full year of competitions with 12 full matches going into our season points totals.  We couldn’t do this without all of you and your continued support for our club.  We are already deep in plans for our June Season Finale, and it is looking to be an awesome event with shooting, food, games, and prizes!!!  Mark your calendars for June 10th, you won’t want to miss this one.

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