April 9th 2022 Results

We had a great match today with tank traps, ladders, unsupported shooting (yuck), a bit of crazy winds and …. snakes??!! Everyone had a great time and the competition was on fire!

Spencer Bangerter was standing on the 1st place podium in Open class up until the very end where Geoff Sheehan said “NOT TODAY!” and nails 1 more impact, snagging 1st place with 401.90 points, knocking Spencer and his 392.0 into 2nd place by 9.9 points! Alberto Perez was burning up their heels with his own 380.0! Top three were separated by 1 impact each.

The women were even hotter proving that girls can shoot! Darcy Bangerter snagged 1st place with 300 points, barely ahead of Stephanie Baxter’s 293.4, a margin of only 6.6 points! Teresa Phillips continues to impress as well with her 3rd place podium spot.

Conner Vanskiver landed on the top spot in Base class with 270 and Robert Bradshaw takes 2nd with 210. Cody Covert has only shot a couple matches and takes home 3rd.

Old Guns was another close one with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd separated by just 4 impacts. Alan Robertson claims 1st with 200, Alex Tonkonogy is 2 hits behind with 180 and 2nd place, and Brent Baxter takes 3rd, 2 more behind with 160.

Young Guns carries its own heat with sibling rivalries between Kaylyn and Kelden Kingston who battle it out every month. Kaylyn get two more impacts and another win with 260.7! Kelden gets a 2nd place finish with 240. Easton Baugh, another fairly new shooter brings home an impressive 3rd with 140.

What about those snakes? We had a bonus stage with some new Snake Charmer targets which were a blast to shoot, if you haven’t had the chance to charm these things you are missing out.

Weather started out with a bit of a chill but as the day got on, it warmed up to an excellent shooting temperature, the wind was just enough to keep you on your guard and overall, it was an awesome time. If you have ever wanted to be with a great group of people and have fun shooting while improving your precision skills, come on out. We had several new shooters this month and they all said it was the most fun they have ever had shooting. Thank you everyone who came out this month! None of this would be possible without you and I am deeply humbled.

Link to all scores: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TjjsrZziu5AguMX7bccOr7yffp3vj_hMs3wH2aENX2I/edit#gid=229538711