August 12th, 2023 Match Results

August brought some incredible weather with the morning being mostly overcast and temps running in the upper 80’s and a wisp of a cool breeze, perfect weather for a match. We had 7 stages and hosted 54 competitors with 8 of them being first time shooters! Although the weather was perfect, things heated up quickly which is always expected with the level of top shooters we have.

Speaking of heating up, Paul Dallin with his first time at Big Salty was on fire! Taking top spot on Open and match overall with an amazing score of 720.0, dropping only 4 shots the entire match, earning gold. Carlos Bacha was hot on his heels though, only dropping 5 shots the entire match for an amazing 710.4 for second place silver. Carlos did take first place with the official NRL22 scores by 1 impact with a score of 530.4 to Paul’s 520.0 but lost the match overall to Paul when you include the bonus stages. Chris Baxter was also on fire with his shots, only 1 shot behind Carlos for that third-place bronze medal with a score of 701.1, which was only 1.1 points ahead of 4th place Cory Dickerson. The top 5 match winners were only separated by 3 impacts!!! We certainly have the best shooters in the nation, and it is a treat to watch them battle it out every month!

Dylan Whittier was outside of the overall top 5 by only 3 impacts with his Air Gun, taking first place gold and 9th overall with an amazing score of 661.4. 2nd and 3rd in Air Gun was a scorcher as well, with Josh Warren earning 1 more impact over Matt Stajduhar! They placed 14th and 15th overall with Josh scoring 630.0 points to Matt’s 621.5.

Stephanie Baxter continued her dominance in Ladies Division with a first-place finish and 11th overall, scoring 640.5 points. We have our first ever tie for 2nd and 3rd with Kimberly Garrett and Louise Hoth both scoring 490.0 points, each will earn a 2nd place silver tag and Taylor Chawgo will bring home a 3rd place bronze with her score of 420.0. Awesome job ladies!

Carey Palmer forges a first-place gold tag with his score of 600.5 in Old Guns division. Owen Fjeldsted takes home 2nd place with 510.0. 3rd place bronze is snatched up by Brent Baxter, scoring 440.0.

Base Class is always fun to watch, and the cooler weather didn’t cool these guys off one bit. Colton Kalmer takes home first place gold shooting 500.0 points, barely edging out Mason Brady who earns second place silver with 490.3, just 1 impact behind. Just 2 more impacts behind Mason is Jeromy Camp, scoring 470.0 points for that 3rd place bronze. Only 3 shots separated these competitors, who says base class isn’t competitive!

Young Guns class is always fun to watch as new competitors get introduced to competitive shooting every month, and this month we were blown away with Katie Godfrey. Although she has competed in shooting before, this was her first time ever in a PRS/NRL22 style match, but she lit the range up with an amazing score of 500.0, earning 1st place gold. Hudson Hughes was not far behind and earned 2nd place silver with 460.0, just 4 shots behind Katie. Harley Warren picked up her 3rd place bronze tag with an impressive 400.0. These young’uns are going to be amazing shooters as they grow. We’re keeping our eyes on them for sure!

Our August match was incredibly fun to shoot. Part of that was a great COF, the other part is the friends that we all get to shoot with once a month. We have such an amazing community of shooters. We have an average of 8 new shooters per month at our matches, if you want to come out, you will be with others who are going to be learning the sport with you. We have an amazing club, and you will make some incredible friendships along the way. I want to thank everyone for coming out to shoot and support our club. We’ll see ya’ll next month in September, bring your A-Game as well as a friend.

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