December 10th, 2022 Match Results

It was a chilly day, but the storms held off and we got some much appreciated mid 40’s which made the winter shoot a lot more bearable. This month had a challenging COF and the wind added to the difficulty! We had 53 shooters come out this month to take it on! There was a lot of movement which helped us stay a little warmer, a bit of sticky mud and some jingle bells mixed in with some creative singing.

David Civello’s shooting is a lot better than his singing and he came out on top with 676.3 points to clinch Gold in the Open division. Jared Howell was right behind with 664.9 for second and Spencer Bangerter scored 653.2 for that third-place gift! Great shooting by our top 10 with 6 impacts separating 1st to 10th.

David Roberts showed you don’t need big buck rifles to be competitive, his 660.0 points and 1st place in Base class was enough to earn him 3rd place overall! Brian Critchlow snags 2nd place Silver with 490.0 points and right behind him is Robert Bradshaw with 476.0.

Ms. Clause is proud of our ladies! Koyuki Civello takes home 1st place Gold with an awesome 624.0 points, enough to earn her 7th overall. Darcy Bangerter takes 2nd place with 584.0 points and Kim Garrett with her brand new Bergara takes third place with 544.0.

We love our Air Rifles, and they always bring the heat! Josh Warren walks away with Gold with his 508.0 to earn a solid 1st place. Dylan Whittier scores 435.8 points for a Silver 2nd place finish. Matt Stajduhar takes 3rd place home with 351.4.

It’s a blue Christmas when you don’t get into the top 10, even worse when you get knocked down the list by a Young Gun… But these kids can get it done! Easton Baugh showed up a lot of us with by taking home Gold in Young Guns with 556.0 points! Kaylyn Kingston was right behind by only 2 shots with 530.0 points to earn Silver. Harley Warren takes home Bronze with her 3rd place finish and 325.8 points.

OG/Adaptive class had their own party going on and just ho-ho-ho’d this month’s difficult COF. Carey Palmer left the fruit cake and instead, takes home Gold with 545.0 points. Alan Robertson scores 485.9 points, enough to get Silver 2nd and, Brent Baxter finishes in 3rd with 418.0 points.

I want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting our club. I also want to ask that everyone take some time our of our ever-ending busy schedules to check in on our neighbors, friends, and family. Wish them a merry Christmas, make sure they are doing ok. With our current economic situation, things are getting tough, financially, and emotionally. Let’s all go that extra mile to help each other, to give freely, to invite them into our homes, to make sure they have everything that they need. This is the most wonderful time of the year, but for those that are struggling it can be a stressful nightmare. Sometimes just a smile and a quick talk is enough to let everyone know that it will be ok. The world could use more of that anyways. I hope that your holidays are filled with love and joy. We’ll see you in 2023!

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