December 9th, 2023 Match Results

Merry Christmas to everyone!  This month’s match was a fun one to shoot, with great stages that were exceptionally competitive! We hosted 7 stages total with 41 shooters, 3 of which were first time shooters.  Everyone had a great time, and the winners weren’t finalized until the very last shot was sent down range.

Chris Baxter ends up with a huge Christmas present taking home 1st place in Open Division and 1st overall, dropping only 2 shots for the entire match.  His score of 766.9 topped the charts but not by much as Aaron Gines pulls a second-place silver tag scoring 744.6, dropping only 4 shots for the match.  3rd place goes to Jordan Baugh, only 2 more shots behind with an amazing 742.7 for the match.  Awesome shooting by some of the leagues best!  The top 5 places only missed 18 shots out 3900 shots sent!

Our Young Guns have been on a huge wave these last few matches with Easton and Kaylyn being the ones to watch.  Easton impressed everyone last week with his 1st in Young Guns and 9th place overall finish at a very challenging X-Match in Pocatello Idaho.  Kaylyn didn’t like sitting back and brought her A-Game today taking 1st place gold, dropping only 3 shots for the entire match which put her right behind Chris by 1 impact for 2nd place overall with a score of 752.0.  Easton was right on her heels with an awesome 8th place overall finish and 2nd place silver, scoring 712.1 for the match.  Aletta Lani barely sneaks ahead of Kelden Kingston for 3rd place bronze by 1 impact, scoring 431.1 to Kelden’s 428.3.

Base Division has been neck-n-neck all season.  Top 3 season points leaders are only separated by 15 impacts!  This month continued to be the one to watch with Brad Kalmar taking that 1st place gold with 662.3 points!  Jeromy Camp was only 3 shots behind with 635.2, earning 2nd place silver and Jacob McBride, in only his 2nd match ever, takes home 3rd place bronze just 1 shot behind Jeromy with a 625.8.

Our OG division was topped by Carey Palmer, with a 1st place finish of 705.4 points which also landed him 9th overall!  2nd place bronze goes to Owen Fjeldsted who earned 625.6 points.  3rd place bronze goes to Brent Baxter who scored 567.9.

Stephanie Baxter tops the Ladies Division podium again this month with an impressive 655.2 points, earning 1st place gold.  Kimberly Garrett was only 3 impacts behind her with 623.4 for 2nd place Silver.  In her 3rd match ever, Leah McBride takes home 3rd place bronze with 520.0 points.  WTG Ladies!

Air Rifle is another back-n-forth division where the top shooters continue to swap places.  This month Matt Stajduhar steps up onto that 1st place podium spot, barely squeaking in front of Dylan Whittier who takes 2nd place silver.  Matt earned 665.5 points to Dylan’s 664.0 – decided by just seconds!  We’ll see what next month’s match’s results are!  3rd place bronze was taken home by Troy Fuit, racking up 375.1 points for the match.

This month we celebrate Christmas which is a season of giving.  All our competitors have constantly given me amazing heartfelt thanks by supporting our club every month.  We have the best shooters in the league, and I want to extend a special thanks to all of you for your continuous offer to help set up and take down before and after the match.  As we spend these next few weeks with our families, I hope we can also look around to our neighbors and friends, taking note if they too need a hand.  Times are always hard and for some, the holiday season is harder than the rest of the year.   Extend a hand where you can, give to those in need, if nothing more than just letting them know you are there for them.  If I don’t get the opportunity to see you earlier, Merry Christmas to all of you and a Happy New Year!  We’ll see you all in 2024!

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