February 10th, 2024 Match Results

68 shooters braved the weather for this Valentines themed COF.  12 brand-new competitors found their True Love for the very first time!  All week long we had rain/snow mixed with overcast skies.  Saturday’s match was met with welcome sunshine and light overcast. The weather was great for February, but the 5-11 mph wind was no roses or chocolates and kept the frigid temperatures down in the low 30’s.  Cupid kept the snow and rain out of sight, so overall, it turned out to be a fantastic match!  We hosted 8 loving squads with 8 fun stages, one of them “suckered” plenty of shooters.

Windy conditions at our range are rare but can cause some strange swirling effects that are very hard to gauge.  Alberto Perez had no problem figuring it out and comes in first place for Open Division and first place overall with an amazing score of 822.5.  Jordan Baugh was only 2 impacts behind him with 803.6 for that second-place silver tag.  Coming in 3rd place on his first match back from injuries last year is Spencer Bangerter with an impressive 773.7 (just 1/10th of a point ahead of Chris Baxter’s 773.6!) @tiebreakersmatter

Joely Pratt led the way in our Ladies Division with 741.3 points for 1st in Ladies and scoring 6th overall for the match!  WTG Joely!  Stephanie Baxter pulls 2nd place silver with 682.4 and Kimberly Garrett comes in 3rd place with 631.2.

Air Rifle Division has been a fun one to keep an eye on as husband and wife battle it out every month.  This month Matt Stajduhar comes out the victor with 562.5, earning 1st place gold.  Just 2 shots behind is wife Kathy Stajduhar with 540.0 for silver.  We’ll see who’s sleeping on the couch for next month’s match.  3rd place bronze goes to Mike Kofoed with 480.0.

Old Guns was once again taken by Carey Palmer and his Vudoo, scoring 721.5 points for 1st place podium which also scores 11th overall.  2nd place silver is picked up by Owen Fjeldsted scoring 651.1.  3rd place bronze goes to Alan Robertson with his 611.1.

Base Division is another great one to watch as our base shooters battle it out each month.  Gold for this month goes to Jeromy Camp with a score of 673.0.  Derek Olson rings steel enough times to land that 2nd place silver tag with 630.6 and just 3 shots behind is Brad Kalmar with 601.2.

We had 5 young guns battling it out this month and it was Easton Baugh who put on a stellar performance, earning 1st place gold and 8th overall with 732.6 points!  Amazing!  Kaylyn Kingston was chasing him all day long but ended up 2 shots behind for 2nd place silver, earning 13th overall with 712.0.  Kelden Kingston picked up 3rd place bronze with 542.0.

16 shots separated the top 20 spots which really shows the amazing talent our shooters have.  I am honored to be able to host so many talented shooters at our club.  The top 17 places were filled with 11 open, 2 ladies, 2 young guns, 1 OG and 1 base.  Just shows that no matter what division you decide to compete in, you can do well against anyone.

I want to put out a special thank you to one of our shooters who asked to remain anonymous who won a certificate for a Thunderbeast Arms suppressor and donated it to the club.  We were able to award this to one of our brand-new shooters through random drawing.  I also want to thank all of those that came out the previous day to help set up the range and everyone who sticks around afterword’s to help tear it all down.  This was especially nice this month with the huge lakes that formed in the middle of both lanes.  Thank you also Carey, Owen and Jeromy who put up the zeroing targets in the middle of the “lakes” so everyone could zero their rifles without having to drudge through the muddy water to set targets.  See ya’ll next month!

Link to all scores: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13L0h7roVZET2PMsweAYoZbwVlHXvNnBKbfMGfHpm-CQ/edit#gid=229538711