February 4th, 2023 Match Results

This month’s COF was full of love, some of the stages we loved, some of the stages we loved to get past them, and with the “Valentine’s Day is for Suckers” stage, we found out that Blo Pops tend to explode when you hit them dead on!  Even though it was a cold one, we had a huge turnout with 55 shooters, 8 of them being their first time. We were blessed once again with sun poking through the clouds and warming the day up in the low 40’s.  Around noon, the wind picked up with some clouds and it brought on some bitter cold, but with our shooters, there was plenty of heat!

Open class is always like a love/hate relationship filled with plenty of competition.  Jared Howell didn’t share any of his love and only dropped 3 shots all day, earning 692.2 for that gold dog tag.  Right behind him was David Civello earning 663.8 points for a solid silver dog tag!  Third place by only two less impacts is Steve Johnson with 640.7.

The cold weather doesn’t hurt our lovely ladies because they are always HOT behind the trigger!  Kimberly Garret pulls a solid gold dog tag with 510.0 points. Right behind her is Stephanie Baxter with an amazing 472.0 for silver.  Joely Pratt, one of our clubs’ new shooters melted the ice with 430.6 points, enough for that bronze tag!  Way to go Joely!!!

Base class was owned by Jeremiah Mani and his 580.5 points for gold!  David Roberts was not far behind with an impressive 531.8 for silver and Bronze was snatched up by Cody Covert with 470.0 points.

Our old guns were right there with the best of them, and Jeff Lambert spared no love for everyone else, earning 543.0 points and a gold tag!  Carey Palmer silvered with 492.8 and after a long time off, Lynn Bigelow stopped by to spread some competitive love with a bronze tag performance, earning 460.0.

Air rifle continues to grow, and we had 8 shooters this month ringing steel and exploding suckers!  Dylan Whittier put on another clinic, earning 551.8 points for gold and 10th place overall!  Matt Stajduhar picked up one extra impact to snatch up 2nd place silver with 524.9, barely edging out Dusty Powers with his bronze 3rd and 511.8 points!

Our Young Guns continue to battle it out every month, and the season points race is getting closer all the time.  This month Kaylyn Kingston fist pumps that first place finish with 541.3, which also puts her 13th overall!  Right behind her is Easton Baugh and his amazing 451.5 points for second place silver!  Harley Warren battled the cold weather but still picks up a 3rd place bronze with her 200.0 even.

Once again I am humbled by all of our amazing shooters.  Each and every one of you bring the love every month with your continued support of our club and your amazing friendship.  It is because of all of you that our club has grown to what it is today.  We have become one of the largest clubs in the NRL22 league but more importantly, I feel we are one of the friendliest and I am proud to call each and every one of you a dear friend.  So grab some Valentine’s day candy, enjoy the month with your loved ones and we will see you all next month which should be a lot warmer!

Link to all scores: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13ggVED_fppw1uJq_SxLovU4AbdBrQcwssAvCcyUUwqQ/edit#gid=810556831