January 13th, 2024 Match Results

January weather can be brutal, and the forecast called for heavy snow, high winds and cold! Even with those conditions we had 49 brave shooters that came out for our first match of 2024. 8 of those shooters were first time competitors which was amazing!

Lucky enough, the weatherman was off and although we had temps in the high 20’s at the start of the match, we had sunshine come down for the first time in 2 days. In addition to an amazing match, Aaron from Anarchy Outdoors held a bonus “drag race” event after the match for those that wanted to attend. Congrats to Levi Cress and Carey Palmer who ended up in the final round with Carey barely edging out Levi for the overall win! Thank you Anarchy Outdoors!

The sun dropped behind some clouds after the match got underway and we did have some light flurries for a bit, but we were surely blessed by the weather gods for our match as the predicted storm never showed up, it turned out to be an awesome day!

Speaking of awesome, Chris Baxter dominated the open division with an amazing score of 713.0, dropping only 6 shots all morning to take home 1st in both Open and overall. Luke Nebelesick was only 3 shots behind though, earning 680.4 for that 2nd place bronze medal. Taking 3rd place in Open and 4th overall is Casey Hughes, 2 shots behind Luke with 662.2.

We had 1 lady brave the weather today and that was Stephanie Baxter who wins 1st place in Ladies Division – but that is not just a gimme! Stephanie put on a clinic for everyone earning 670.2 points, which put her 3rd place overall for the match! WTG Stephanie on an amazing win and first place gold!

Carey Palmer snags 1st place gold in the Old Guns division and 7th overall with 651.7 points. Scott Robertson takes home 2nd place silver with an awesome score of 540.0 and Alan Robertson gets 3rd place bronze with 532.7, just one impact behind Scott.

Derek Olson does just barely enough to get 1st place in Base Division with 540.7, just 7 seconds ahead of Brad Kalmar who gets 2nd silver with 540.0. Jeromy Camp was 2 shots behind them both with 522.8. That’s how you keep it close! WTG Base shooters!

Seems like every month it’s a cat & mouse game with our young guns and this month Easton Baugh gets that top podium spot and gold with 650.3 points which also puts him 8th overall! WTG Easton. Kaylyn was 3 shots behind for second place silver with 620.0 and 11th overall. Hudson Huges continues to impress everyone with his 3rd place bronze finish earning 480.4 points.

Air Rifle was dominated by Matt Stajduhar who scored 532.7 for first place gold. 4 shots behind is Troy Fuit earning 490.2 for 2nd place silver and Kathy Stajduhar brings home 3rd place bronze with 300.0.

Utah winter weather is always a flip of a coin on what you get and we were really blessed with the break between the storms for our match today. As always, I sincerely appreciate all the shooters who come out to support our club and especially those that help with the setup and takedown which makes it so much easier to host these awesome events. I am looking forward to next month’s match and the possibility of it warming up a little more! Until then, aim small and keep practicing! Thanks.

Link to all scores: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fdocs.google.com%2Fspreadsheets%2Fd%2F17fIGFXdIleqUNVX0CsYoRKokDQ3P50wZjMWgExVRdII%2Fedit%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0nEhr1xOSzHTP-SIe8bC_LpbZYplSaQ6C_GGWn716i9plCp3D49-l6FTs%23gid%3D229538711&h=AT0dCrYkTOwh0D5ac7JlovkfeIXVBisPLm_h7QU2GmzwbynO2W__M_5hT-uKwqrDp53C1UK9Zs5RX0ueG2LXMIoPt5Cpc9t8Y9zz5xgJmiZXRbeDSs48DDyutTzX6deLAA&__tn__=-UK-R&c[0]=AT0jA8Iurxns02ThKqJD8rxJrVl7Q9OEpuPfbHfv4svXDncyDCPIP1QzAhrJojKj8PxrcRplvv4FNrfDzzsKMNFb_yPAdmx5DhI1156ZNcTqMeXE9XXf3NN-93stQdUJEb9ctp-_GbxSKN_CB_HbfwiVlCdv6dXrVjhn3qFAi2LP35–mQ