January 14th, 2023 Match Results

January weather was surprisingly great for our monthly match.  Temps started out brisk but once the sun poked through the clouds, we saw beautiful upper 40’s for a great afternoon of shooting.  The cold was not a problem at all because our shooters really brought on the heat!  This months COF also had a lot of movement which also helped keep things toasty.  We had 44 shooters this month, 16 Open, 8 Base, 6 Air Rifle, 4 OG/Adaptive, 4 Ladies and 5 Young Guns.

Open class was scorching hot with David Civello getting the gold win with an impressive 693.4, only dropping 5 shots!  Alberto Perez was right behind, dropping just one shot more with 683.6, earning a solid silver podium spot.  Dario Perez finished right behind his brother with 663.6 for third.

Base class was another inferno with David Roberts scoring 682.7, earning an impressive 1st place finish and 3rd place overall!  Way to go David!  Brian Crichlow brought home second place silver with 492.1 and Joshua Cagle proudly taking that third place bronze with 435.3.

Ladies is always a heated battle and this month’s winner is Darcy Bangerter, reclaiming a first place gold with 575.0 points! Koyuki Civello was right on her heals with 542.8, earning second place silver.  Right behind her with only one impact less is Stephanie Baxter’s bronze medal with 531.3 points.

Our young guns put some fire against the open and base shooters as Kaylyn Kingston retakes top spot this month with 583.5 total points!  This also earns her a 12th place finish overall!  Easton Baugh drops into second place from his first-place finish last month with 542.9 points.  Harley Warren battled hard to bring home third place bronze with 398.0 points.

Mr. Carey Palmer scores an impressive 1st place finish and 8th overall in our OG/Adaptive class, earning 612.4 points!   Awesome shooting Carey.  Scott Robertson takes a silver 2nd with 470.0 and Brent Baxter gets a solid 3rd place bronze tag, scoring 385.2.

Air rifle brought the heat as well with Dylan Whittier sporting a bran new Panthera rifle.  It seemed to work well for him as he earns another 1st place finish in Air Rifle and also gets 5th overall, scoring an amazing 649.5 points.  Dylan only dropped 10 shots the entire match.  Second place goes to Matt Stajduhar with 578.1 and 3rd place bronze is awarded to Joshua Warren with 510.3 total points.

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