July 1st, 2023 Match Results

It was a beautiful summer day with light winds and barely a cloud in the sky. Things got hot, not only with the weather, but on the range as well. The 4th of July is only a couple days away and freedom was ringing loudly, and so was the steel! We had 6 stages today with a smaller crowd which made for a nice time to enjoy some shooting as well as the summer day. Overall, we hosted 42 shooters, 12 of them first timers and everyone had a blast!

Usually I start with Open Division, but I can’t take my eyes off our Ladies Division, especially Joley Pratt who put on a clinic on how to shoot like a girl….and the guys were furiously taking notes! She was on fire today scoring an impressive 532.0 points to land first in Ladies and a 4th overall for the entire match! Now that is very impressive! Stephanie Baxter barely gets away with 2nd place by only 16 seconds with 483.9 points over Kelly Baxter with her third place finish and 482.3 points. That’s some serious 4th of July fireworks for sure! WTG ladies!

There were 3 open division shooters that finished above Joley and it was Chris Baxter taking first place overall with his impressive 662.6 points. David Civello was not far behind in second place with 575.5 and Aaron Gines takes home 3rd in Open and 3rd overall, just 3 seconds ahead of Joley with 532.3.

Base Division was dominated by Brad Kalmar, earning 411.0 points for 1st place gold. 2nd and 3rd was another one that came down to the wire with Colton Kalmar finishing the timed stage 3.3 points ahead of Cody Covert. Colton earns 383.3 points for 2nd place to Cody’s 380.0 for 3rd.

Matt Stajduhar lands a solid 1st in Air Rifle Division and 5th place overall, scoring 530.0 for gold. Richard Plumb fought his way through the heat with a 430.0 for second place and Kathy Stajduhar brings home a 3rd place bronze with 350.0.

Carey Palmer was sending those freedom seeds down range with some authority, scoring gold with a solid 523.5 points for 1st in Old Guns Division and 6th place overall. Brent Baxter slides firmly into 2nd place with 420.8 and Owen Fjeldsted takes home 3rd place bronze with 300.4.

Our Young Guns division had only 2 shooters this month, but that didn’t slow Kaylyn Kingston down one bit. She had her own fireworks shot going on scoring 511.2 points which put her 1st in Young Guns and 9th overall for the match. Ryler Covert, who has only shot a couple matches earns 2nd place silver with 270.0.

Thank you everyone for spending your 4th of July weekend with us. I am continually honored with all of your support, your willingness to help set up and tear down for each match and for your friendship. May you all remember the sacrifices that were given so we could live in such an amazing country. God bless the U.S.A. And God bless the 2nd Amendment.

Link to all scores: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/188UiC1cQ2YaggOWf9A9cBgmFAmLF-Df-OCbuFIE7Bgg/edit#gid=229538711