July 9th, 2022 Match Results

It was a hot day at the range this month and we were finally able to give out trophies to some awesome shooters for last season, we battled the heat through 7 stages, fought off some snakes, shot for a chance to win some cash and had a match that would please our founding fathers of this great nation!

You better bring you’re A-GAME when shooting with this crowd and it was another barn burner finish for the top spot.  For the NRL22 totals, Spencer Bangerter led the way with first place in open class, scoring 445.5 points but Trever Johnson was breathing down his neck with a 445.1 for second…. but that wasn’t to be outdone because Jared Howell took 3rd with a 444.7!  That is less than 1 point between 1st and 3rd place! When including bonus stages, Jared led with 624.7, Alberto Perez was 2nd with 612.0 and Spencer scored 605.5.

Souvanthong Khanhnara takes top podium spot in Base Class with 280.0 followed by Connor Vanskiver with a 246.0 for second and Brian Critchlow snags 3rd place with 224.0.  With bonus stages added in, Connor comes out on top with 406.0, Souvanthong takes 2nd with 350.0 and Brian pulls a 294.0

Koyuki Civello brought her A-GAME and gets 1st place in Ladies with a strong 330.2, which also lands her 13th overall.  Stephanie Baxter lands a solid 2nd with 329.7 points, Darcy Bangerter gets on the podium with 271.2 points.  Add in the bonus points and Stephanie comes out on top with 509.7, Koyuki pulls 2nd with 420.2 and Darcy is close behind with 371.2.  Great shooting ladies!

Young Guns class is heating up on its own with new shooters coming on board!  Kaylyn Kingston landed 1st place, scoring 365.7 points which also earned her 9th place overall, putting her in the top 10 again for the match!  Easton Baugh is coming up fast with a solid 2nd place and 270.4 points.  Kelden Kingston lands in 3rd place with 212.5 points.  With bonus stages, Kaylyn scored 420.8, Easton scored right behind with 420.4 and Kelden chalks up 368.5.

Old Guns / Adaptive class has Brent Baxter taking top spot with 288.0 points, Scott Robertson at 189.0 gets 2nd place, barely squeaking out in front of Alan Robertson’s 180.0.  With bonus points, Brent scored 428.0, Alan steps ahead with his 280.0 and Scott gets 3rd with 269.0

We had just 3 Air Rifle competitors this month and Dylan Whittier continues to impress with his 1st place finish with 323.8 points.  Matt Stajduhar earned 2nd with 249.0 points and Adam Swillinger rounds out 3rd with 206.0.  Adding in bonus points stays the same with Dylan’s 433.8, Matt’s 329.0 and Adam’s 316.0.

We had 40 shooters this month and everyone I was able to talk to said they had an awesome time. Everything ran smooth and we got through all 7 stages before the afternoon heat really kicked in!  I can’t say enough how much I appreciate all our shooters and what they bring to these matches.  We have the friendliest competitors in the nation!  Thank you all and we’ll see you again next month!

Link to all scores: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YWtLT8spsQp-8IEe0UowzqHAnG9s_QqqEEOlYOFBxRw/edit#gid=229538711