June 11th, 2022 Season Opener Results

It was a hot one today, but our shooters really brought on the heat! What a great match. We gave away over 1K worth of prizes to lucky winners and kicked off the new season all at once.

Open class had a dead heat with the top 5 all within 3 shots! Terry Diston takes top spot with 460.5, Trever Johnson was on his heels with 450.3 and Brandon Caldwell right there with 445.9. Chris and Jared both shot a 430’s rounding out the top 5.

We only had one lady shooter today but Stephanie Baxter was on fire with 6th place overall and 415.3. WTG Stephanie!

Jordan Baugh lands 1st in Base class and 9th overall with 370, followed by Cody Covert’s 230.1 and Dalley Cutter’s 230.0.

Brent Baxter pulls 11th overall and 1st place for Old Guns with an impressive 343.4, followed by new shooter Randy Roberts with 190.

Young Guns had their own fire burning with Kaylyn Kingston scorching 8th place overall with 371.7, Easton Baugh with only a couple matches under his belt lands a solid 2nd place with 200.0 and Kelden Kingston follows in 3rd with his 160.0

We hosted 26 shooters this morning and I want to thank everyone for all your continued support for our club. You are what make all this possible and I can’t say how much it means to me that you all come out each month. What an incredible group of friends with laughs, smiles and some incredible shooting. Our next match will be July 9th, I hope to see you all there. -Kent Kingston, Match Director

Link to all scores and stage points: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eu8HXRW_POe0cUWkv3iJFtx3nUKHbMQkC92GQaWflC8/edit#gid=810556831