March 11th, 2023 Match Results

We discovered a huge pot-of-gold at Big Salty for our March 11th NRL22 monthly match this last Saturday with the largest roster ever! 68 competitors turned out to press their Irish luck with 18 of them being first time shooters! We had 8 fun and exciting stages that challenged everyone with wobbly tires, puzzle targets, lucky “snake” charms, a progressive timed stage and two tank trap stages! Everyone was chasing the end of the rainbow this month and to proove it, there is only 10 impacts separating the top 13 shooters! Do we have the best shooters in the world? Why yes, yes we do! What an amazing show.

Cory Dickerson must have had the luck of the Irish because he only dropped 2 shots the entire match, scoring 918.5 points to steal the pot-o-gold in open class. Trever Johnson was less than 2 shots behind him with 898.8 points, pocketing a silver by only seconds over Alberto Perez and his 3rd place 898.5 (only .3 points behind), buggers to that timed stage anyways!

Dylan Whittier doesn’t really need a lucky shamrock, but he may have one tucked away in his back pocket because he took his Air Rifle to 11th place overall, only 8 impacts behind 1st place overall with an amazing score of 834.2, putting him solidly in first place for the Air Rifle Division. Dusty Powers picks up a nice silver 2nd with 693.8 points and the lovely Kate Jacobsen by less than 1 & ½ impacts behind Dusty with 686.0, earns a 3rd place bronze. This gal can shoot, watch out guys!

Speaking of gals that can shoot, don’t get in the crosshairs of these ladies! Stephanie Baxter finds herself in that list of amazing top 13 shooters with 12th overall. She doesn’t waste any time snatching up 1st place leprechaun gold in Ladies Class with 816.0 points. Kim Garrett gets her some of that shiny silver with 787.2 points. Darcy Bangerter finishes the day a few shots behind her with 756.9 for that final bronze tag.

The St. Patty’s mischief and green shamrocks didn’t get in the way of David Roberts who shot his way to 733.0 points and a 1st place gold farthing in Base Class. The 2nd place sterling was snatched up by Brian Critchlow with 671.5 points. The gun money bronze 3rd goes to Mason Brady with an impressive 635.2 points! Great job base class shooters. BTW, anyone know what gun money is?

OG’s didn’t fuss around with any of that leprechaun nonsense and Alan Robinson lead the way with 780 points and 17th overall, taking the gold. Cary Palmer must have got sidetracked by a shiny shamrock which costed him 1 impact. He scores 765.0, just 1.5 shots behind for silver. Brent Baxter grabs a pint and third place with 593.8.

Easton Baugh continues to lead the Young Guns in the season standings and stretches his legs with a big win today, scoring 575.0 points and another gold piece for his collection. Kelden Kingston snatches up a silver tag and a piece of Irish Stout Pie with 443.4. AND, in his first match at Big Salty, Lucas Glines earns a well deserved bronze with 391.2 points! Way to go Lucas!

Thank you again for everyone who came out to support our club. Because of all of you, we are leading the nation in club attendance month after month. Huge thank you to all our new shooters, I hope we gave you an awesome experience. And to all our seasoned shooters, thank you for always helping everyone out, for spreading the word and for being some of the greatest friends I could have ever hoped to meet. I can’t wait to see what next month brings! Hope to see y’all there!

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