November 11th, 2023 Match Results

November brings colder weather that can be unpredictable, but this Veterans Day we had an amazing day.  With several of our cherished Veterans in attendance, we hosted 54 shooters who competed in an amazing monthly COF with 7 fun filled stages.  We even had a couple turkeys present to add to the excitement.

Speaking of turkeys, stage 7 was a shootout where you had to clean 8 KYL targets on two separate racks (16 targets total) @ 50 & 75 yards, and if you did faster than anyone else, you win a Butterball Turkey!  The 3 fastest shooters for the stage were:

1st turkey – Kaylyn Kingston with 58.6 seconds.
2nd turkey – Jordan Baugh with 62.0 seconds.
3rd turkey – Bentley Williams with 62.5 seconds.

November is a month of giving thanks, for our nation’s founding and for our Veterans for the sacrifices they have given us so we can enjoy days such as today.  One of our Veterans Carlos Bacha shot an amazing match and dominated with first place overall and first place in open division with 806.2 points.  Two shots behind him finds Chris Baxter with 783.7 total points for second place.  Third place was won by Casey Hughes who scored an amazing 739.1.  Overall, we had 10 shots separating the top 12 spots. That’s an amazing competition!

Coming in 5th place overall is Kaylyn Kingston, our top Young Gun for the day!  Kaylyn scored 733.5 to earn gold.  Second place silver was picked up by Easton Baugh with 633.2 points.  3rd place bronze was taken home by Hudson Huges with an impressive score of 560.0.

Owen Fjeldstead put on a show for everyone with scoring 7th place overall and 720.0 points to win first place in Old Guns Division!  Owen dropped only 8 shots for the entire match, including the bonus stages.  Great job Owen!  Second and third place OG saw a battle between the Robertson brothers, coming down to just 2 impacts.  Alan Robertson comes out ahead with 620.2 for silver and Scott Robertson takes home 3rd place bronze with 600.0.

Base Division was tied up again by Jeromy Camp who has been shooting lights out lately!  He scored 703.6 points which also earned him 11th overall.  Mason Brady took home silver with 635.5 points.  Derek Olson lands a solid 3rd place tag with his 531.0 points.

Our Air Rifle Division is always a battle, and every month it is a toss up on who will be the top Air Gunner.  This month Matt Stajduhar claims top dog with his 685.0 over Dylan Whittier who scored 655.5 for that second-place podium finish.  Todd Hatfield takes home 3rd place bronze, barely squeaking in front of Kathy Stajduhar.  Todd earned 424.8 to Kathy’s 421.7 – just seconds separating the two.

We only had two ladies competing this month and once again, Stephanie Baxter showed everyone that girls can shoot!  She scored 689.0 for first place gold which also put her 13th overall!  Leah McBride, one of our newer shooters who is coming up strong scored 290.0 for the match which earns her second-place silver!

As our nation works through the troubles that are going on around the world, we need to take a pause and give thanks for the blessings we have in front of us.  I am thankful for all our Veterans, my family and the freedom that we all share.  I am also thankful for all our competitors who support our club every month.  I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving, and we will see you all in December!

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