November 12th, 2022 Match Results

Summer is over and we shot right into winter. Cold temps were with us today, even though the sun was bright.  It made for a wonderful fall shoot.  An amazing 51 competitors showed up today with multiple shooters in every class.  We held 7 stages total and as usual, the competition was on fire!  Tight finishes out of all classes and 4 of our shooters took Butterball turkeys home with them.

Open class never disappoints.  Only 1 impact and time bonus seconds separated the top 5 shooters, and it came down to the very last stage to find out which one would end up on top. When all was done, Jared Howell takes home 1st place gold, scoring 745.3.  Brandon Caldwell was hot on his heels with just 4.2 points behind to win silver at 741.1.  Just 1.8 points behind him was David Civello and bronze with 739.3.  The top 10 shooters dropped less than 8 shots each for the match.  Now that’s some heated competition!

Ladies were just as hot with Stephanie Baxter landing 1st place gold and 12th place overall, scoring an awesome 655.8.  Darcy Bangerter landed a solid 2nd place silver with 573.1 and Koyuki Civello got 3rd place bronze with an impressive 490.9.  These gals can shoot!

We had 6 Young Gun shooters this month!  Special shout out to Kaylyn Kingston for only dropping 6 shots the entire match, landing an amazing 6th place overall and 1st place gold with 708.9 points!  2nd place is Easton Baugh with a solid silver tag scoring 430.0 points and Harley Warren was right behind in 3rd place, taking home Bronze with 391.5.

Base Class was another tight competition, but it was Robert Bradshaw pulling 1st place gold with 502.5 points.  David Roberts was only 2 impacts behind taking 2nd place silver with his 480.8.  Richard Braithwaite kept within reach scoring 440.1 points and landing a bronze 3rd.

OG/Adaptive class was great to watch as well.  Carey Palmer held his own with 15th place overall and 1st place gold, scoring 610.8.  2nd place podium spot was snatched up by Brent Baxter scoring 500.0.  3rd place bronze got taken home by Alan Robertson with 420.4.

We love our Air Rifles and this month we had 6 show up to compete!  Dylan Whittier led the way, scoring another 1st place gold and 13th overall with 646.0 points.  Josh Warren was right on his heels taking silver 2nd with 634.2.  3rd place goes to Long-Range Lexi Linder. She kept the guys running scared, scoring 593.0.  Only 4 impacts and change separated the top 3 positions.

Finally, what is November without a turkey shoot!  Bonus stage 7 was a timed stage and the shooter with the most time left over competed for a thanksgiving turkey.  This one was amazing and came down to 10ths of a second.  16 shooters made it to the final battle, all separated with less than 10 points.  Boyd Linder takes the first turkey with the fastest score of 107.5.  Next turkey winner was Brandon Caldwell with 107.2 and our third turkey winner was Jim Phillips with 107.0! Alberto Perez got the 4th and final turkey with 106.6. Congrats to all the turkey winners!

I want to personally thank all of you who battled the cold weather to come shoot.  I also want to encourage everyone to give special thanks to all that we have; To our Veterans who sacrificed for our freedom and especially the heroes and families that gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Take time this November to spend time with your families and friends.  Give to those who are less fortunate and most of all, spread love to everyone because the world always needs more of that.

Again, I thank all of you for supporting our club.  It is because of you that it is what it is.  Bundle up and see you next month!

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