October 14th, 2023 Match Results

Fall weather starts to cool down and we had some pretty good rain this last week, but the weekend cleared up enough that we got some amazing views of the Solar Eclipse and a fantastic day shooting the October COF. After a couple stages we got an amazing look at the eclipse with a slight overcast at times. We had 44 amazing competitors show up for our October match with 8 of them being brand new shooters! The weather was a little overcast in the morning that brought some cooler temperatures but warmed up to the mid 60’s quickly once the sun & guns came out about an hour before the eclipse. The eclipse didn’t overshadow any of the competition though and as always, it was a huge battle in every division.

Hunter Dean proved unstoppable with a perfect NRL22 COF, not missing a single shot for the 5 official NRL22 stages. His performance puts him out front in both the NRL22 scores as well as the overall match score with an amazing 637.2 points for the 6 stages we ran. Luke Neblesick wins second place silver with 585.1 points, just a couple shots ahead of Levi Cress with 558.6.

Carey Palmer comes in 3rd overall and first place gold in Old Guns with an amazing score of 567.4! Owen Fjeldsted takes second place with 457.4 and Alan Robertson snags a third-place bronze tag with 407.1 overall points.

Young Guns are the lifeblood of our sport, and we have some amazing competitors that are shaking things up! Coming in with her best finish ever is Kaylyn Kingston who lands a 4th place overall and 1st place in her division with a whopping 567.3 points! WTG Kaylyn on an awesome placement. Second and third place young guns were down to the wire between Easton Baugh and Hudson Hughes, both shot amazingly well and they finished 14th and 15th overall! Easton squeaks out on top with his 477.2 points to snag second place silver over Hudson’s 475.9, only 13 seconds difference between these two awesome competitors!

Stephanie Baxter continues to further her lead in the season standings with another 1st place finish in Ladies Division, scoring 517.3 points which also places her 9th overall! Kelly Baxter pulls a second place Silver Tag with 396.4 points and Leah McBride in her first ever NRL22 match takes home a 3rd place finish with an impressive 280.5! WTG Leah.

Base Division was tied up by Jeromy Camp who lands 8th overall and 1st place in Base with an amazing score of 527.7. 2nd and 3rd place was a battle to the finish between Derek Olson and Mason Brady. Derek earned 1 impact more to snag 2nd place silver with 425.6 points and Mason takes home 3rd place bronze with 416.5 points.

Air Rifle guys have a ton of fun battling it out between each other and we had 7 Air Gunners today. 1st place gold goes to Dylan with 12th place overall and a score of 515.5! Dusty Powers takes second place silver with 456.0 flat and Richard Plumb comes in 3rd place for that bronze tag with 383.4.

This was a very fun COF to shoot and made for a great day at the range. Thank you everyone for coming out and supporting our club. I appreciate all of you, especially those that come on Friday to help set up (Owen, Carey and Jeromy, thanks!) and for everyone who helped gather up all the targets and clean the range afterword’s, I can’t mention all the names because there were so many of you and I am so thankful for your help. It makes it so much easier to get done. Our next match will be November 11th and our start times will move to 9:30 due to the colder weather and daylight savings time. Also on the schedule for next month are two X-matches in Utah. Sweat Springs in St. George on the 4th and Terry’s Bushwood match on the 21st! We plan on getting to both of those and hope to see you there as well! Thanks!

Link to all scores: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Unk04xVbAyvrPI5wLo2sJzgvWMErOs7yyZdBKm3-Y1Y/edit#gid=229538711