October 15th, 2022 Match Results

October is our 1 year anniversary for the Big Salty NRL22 club. The weather wasn’t scary at all with morning temps in the upper 60’s and warming up at go time to mid 70’s, no wind, no clouds, just beautiful fall weather. Even the zombies, snakes, ghosts and pumpkins weren’t scary.

What was scary was the competition! Open class came down to the final stage with Jared Howell taking 1st place with a monsterous 714 points! Alberto Perez got spooked to 2nd place by only one impact and 703.2 points. David Civello earned some candy corns with 674.7 to take 3rd.

Base Class had some of its own frights with David Roberts scoring 600 and landing top spot. Matthew Brennan was only 2 impacts behind with 580 and Connor Vanskiver got 3rd place with 501.9.

Nothing scary at all about our lovely Ladies except for the competition! Stephanie Baxter lands 1st with a whopping 623.1. Koyuki Civello takes 2nd place with 581.9 and Teresa Phillips outscores the Grim Reaper with a smooth 350. Great shooting Ladies!

Old Guns don’t get spooked too often and Carey Palmer kept it cool with 662.2 and top spot. Jeff Lambert, one of the newer members to our club lands a very impressive 2nd place with 593.2 and Brent Baxter picks up a solid 521.9 and a bronze dog tag!

The Air Rifle division is shaking to the bone! With only 2 impacts and change separating all top 3 spots, Boyd Linder comes out of this haunted house first with an amazing 646.0. Dylan Whittier was spooking him all the way with his 2nd place 632.3. Joshua Warran was clawing his way along side of both of them and picks up 3rd with 624.5.

Our Young Guns were howling at the moon as well and just like Air Rifle, the top 3 spots were separated by only 11.4 points! Yes, 1 impact and change between all 3 winners! Kaylyn Kingston earns top spot by only 2.2 points, scoring a scary 592.7. Eston Baugh was right on her heels with 590.5 and second place. harley Warren was only 1 impact behind them both with an awesome 581.3.

All winners can pick up your Gold, Silver and Bronze dog tags at our next match! Hope to see you all there.

We had an awesome first year, the club has grown to larger than I ever imagined and it is all because of the great members and what you bring every month. Because of all your support, we became the largest club in the nation for September and our numbers continue to grow with 3 brand new shooters this month! I can’t say enough how humbling it is to have all of you come out each month. Thank you for your continued support. Can’t wait to see you all next month!

Link to all scores:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12YXPptlRnIBKbdF9lDaARxDrTJ5DnRb1pS9uMAZvcJ8/edit#gid=229538711