September 10th, 2022 Match Results

This month’s match was incredible.  Weather was perfect starting out in the low 70’s, ending in the mid 80’s when we finished up.  Wind was a light breeze, but the competition was strong!  We had a total of 55 shooters: 8 Ladies, 8 Young Guns, 9 Air Gunners, 3 OG’s, 10 Base Class and 18 Open Class shooters!

David Civello tops the leader board again, missing only twice the entire match, earning his second gold tag with a 734.5 score! Spencer Bangerter misses top spot by a single shot, earning 2nd and silver with 724.9.  Jordan Baugh comes in 3rd and scores a bronze tag with 680.9. 

Boyd Linder makes some noise taking first place Gold and 7th overall in the Air Rifle division shooting an amazing 650.1.  Dylan Whittier silver tags into 2nd place with 601.0 and 14th overall.  Laundry Patten, new to our club, takes home his first bronze 3rd place tag with an impressive 572.0.

Ladies class was on target today with Stephanie Baxter taking 1st place gold and 9th overall with an amazing 631.4.  Koyuki Civello earns 2nd place silver with 600.6, just 3 shots behind.  Kelly Baxter takes home bronze with her 3rd place finish, scoring 430.0 for the match.

Base class was an exciting battle all the way to the last stage and ended in our first ever tie for 1st place with David Roberts and Shan Garret both earning GOLD with their 570.0 final score. With less than 1 impact, Connor Vanskiver wins bronze with 563.0.  Just 7 points separated the top 3 spots.  

Young Guns was also a barn burner competition for the podium spots with only 4 impacts separating them.  Max Knight wins his first gold tag with 480.0.  Easton Baugh with just 2 shots behind earns silver with 462.0 points.  Kelden Kingston, again just 2 shots behind Easton earns bronze with an impressive 441.2.  Thank you, parents, for bringing these youngsters out to shoot.  This is what the NRL22 is all about.

Old Guns held their own, even with a challenging bonus 7th stage but it was Carey Palmer who rose to gold with his 573.0.  The Robertson brothers battled against each other all day, but Alan Robertson got the upper hand and 2nd place silver with 500.0. Scott Robertson earned his bronze tag with 430.0.

Again, I want to express my thanks for all our competitors who came out to compete and support our club.  Everyone had a fantastic time, and we look forward to doing it again next month.  Until then, shoot straight and help spread the word to all your friends!

Link to all scores:

I wanted to notify everyone that I have changed the way the summary totals are shown on the summary page. Before this change, the summary page only showed the NRL22 total scores for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place positions. This always caused some confusion as it didn’t reflect the actual total scores for the monthly match (which includes the bonus stages).

The new summary page now shows the total scores for the match including the bonus stages so it should eliminate the confusion on who won the match in each division and who earns the winner’s dog tags. Also, I will be issuing the winner’s dog tags for each match at the next month’s match. This is because there was an issues with delays from the tablets uploading all the scores when the match was over. This will also let me verify that all the scores were entered in correctly.