2021-2022 Season Standings

What an awesome first season! I am humbled by the support we have received from all of you. You are what makes all the work worth it! I have compiled the results for the season so everyone can see where they ended up.

I have struggled with finding the fairest scoring system to tally up the season finals and have come up with this format that I hope will be fair and encouraging for all competitors. We use the total scores from all matches throughout the year for all stages including bonus stages, not just the NRL22 official stages. Each shooter will get an additional 35 points for every match attended. This is to give those that support the club every month an added bonus. For the 2021 season, this offers a possible 280 bonus points if you attended every match.

I think this is a better representation of our club shooters by rewarding participating shooters. It also helps reduce the possibility of a “Top Gun” attending just a few choice matches and sweeping the season. I feel it is better for the club as a whole if the awards get to go to those that fully support the club and this will help encourage everyone to continue to support our club on a regular basis.

Although we all say we do this for the fun, we all have that competitive instinct and deep down we really want that top spot. I am proud to present the awards to our top shooters, you’ve definitely earned them! Congratulations to all of our winners. The top 3 spots in each class will receive a season trophy. Out of fairness, I have removed myself (Kent Kingston) from the Open Class running, which awards David C. 2nd place, and Levi C. 3rd.

Click the link to download a .PDF of total season standings: https://www.saltlakenrl22.com/2022-season.pdf

Thank you again for everyone who came out this last year to support our club. You are what makes doing this worth all the time and work. Congrats to all our winners!