August 13th, 2022 Match Results

Early morning overcast skys, light breeze and the most awesome group of people ever! That was our match on Saturday August 13th. When I say group, it was a large group of 48 shooters, many of them first time. David Civello put on a clinic for all of us with his awesome 1st place finish in open class scoring 494.7/724.7 (NRL/Club scores), Jim Phillips and Levi Cress were neck and neck for the next two spots with Jim taking second with 463.7/633.7 and Levi scoring 463.2/663.2 Yuuuup, just .5 points separating them both!!! What a challenge! We had 20 Open class shooters.

The Ladies were awesome! We had a total of 7 Ladies shooting this month and Stephanie Baxter led the way with her 1st place finish and also 7th place overall scoring 440.7/590.7! Watch out guys, these gals are on fire! Darcy Bangerter landed a solid 2nd place and 14th overall with her 400.3/540.3. Koyuki also impressed the club with 3rd and 23rd overall scoring 360.0/530.0. Way to beat up on us guys! Keep it coming.

Base class was another barn burner finish, with the top three all finishing with less than 20 points separating them all. Conner Vanskiver takes home a 1st with 363.5/503.5 Brian Critchlow lands 2nd place with 353.0/473.0 and Blake Magleby takes home 3rd with 344.6/414.6!

Old Guns/Adaptive class had Alan Robinson landing top podium spot with 631.7/511.7. Brent Baxter takes home 2nd with 280.0/420.0 and Alex Tonkonogy in his first match gets 3rd with 160.0/250.0.

We had 5 Young Guns and Easton Baugh lead the way with 241.2/331.2. Kelden Kingston was not far behind in 2nd with his 212.7/342.7 and Alayna Kingston continues to improve in 3rd with 80.0/100.0.

Air rifles are awesome and if you never seen what these things are like, you are missing out….but Dylan Whittier didn’t miss much landing a 1st place finish and 15th overall scoring 374.8/584.8. Matt Stajduhar brought home 2nd with 253.8/353.8 and Mike Kofoed takes up that 3rd podium spot with 200.7/360.7.

I can’t say it enough how honored I am for all of you supporting our club. What an awesome bunch of people that I happily call my friends! Thank you all, and we will see you next monthon the 10th!

Link to all scores: