May 13th, 2023 Match Results

What a way to finish up the Salt Lake, Big Salty NRL22 2022-2023 Season! We had 53 shooters today, 5 of them for the first time. We had a little rain in the morning which actually got a little chilly along with a bit of shifty wind, but the sun finally came out and blessed us with an amazing day! And lets talk about amazing! 3 of our shooters had PERFECT NRL22 scores! David Civello (open), Jared Howell (open) and Stephanie Baxter (Ladies) cleaned every one of the NRL22 stages! WOW

CONGRATS to these three amazing competitors!

Overall, David Civello takes home top spot and open class gold, which is never easy with this group of amazing shooters. He scored 746.6 overall only dropping 4 shots the entire match. Right behind him is Brandon Caldwell, only 1 impact behind with 736.3 for silver, and Terry Diston brings home 3rd Open, again only 1 impact behind Brandon with 724.2. Honorable mention to both Jared Howell (714.4) and Chris Baxter (714.0) which rounds out the top 5 spots. Only 3 impacts separated the top 5 match winners! That’s awesome!

It didn’t stop with the open class shooters. 6th place overall goes to Stephanie Baxter who also earns 1st place ladies with an amazing 692.7! Kimberly Garrett earns 2nd place silver with 633.0, and Darcy Bangerter pulls Bronze with 591.6. Amazing job Ladies.

Old Guns Gold was owned by Carey Palmer who scored 663.2 which also put him 8th overall. Second place silver goes to Alan Robertson with 600.0 and 3rd place bronze belongs to Brent Baxter, just a couple shots behind with 510.0.

It was nice to get the Air Gunners back this month with first place being a TIE BREAKER! Joshua Warren got the timed stage edge with 1st place gold and 18th overall scoring 605.5 total points! Dusty Powers pulls down 2nd place silver, only a 2.1 points behind at 603.4 points. Richard plumb takes home third place bronze with his 560.0. Awesome job as always with these Air Gunners and best of luck at RMAC next month!

I always say that to compete with this group you need to bring your A-GAME and Kaylyn Kingston did just that, scoring 661.9 points that earned her 1st place in Young Guns and 11th overall! Easton Baugh earns a solid silver with 512.8. Third place bronze came down to a TIE BREAKER between Bentley Johnson and Kelden Kingston who both scored 471 points! The tie goes to Bentley Johnson by just 4 tenths of point! WTG Bentley. Bentley scored 471.7 (36th overall) to Kelden’s 471.4 (37th overall).

Base class is always a tight battle and Mason Brady wins this months gold with 571.0. Colton Kalmar takes second place silver by only a couple impacts behind with 530.0 and 3 impacts behind him was Brad Kalmar with 500.0 earning him that bronze tag! Nice job base class!

This wraps up our second season at Big Salty and I am once again humbled by all of our competitors who choose to come out every month and support our awesome club. We have grown to be the largest NRL22 club in the nation and it is 100% because of all of you, your skills as shooters, your friendship to new members and your continued help in all areas of the match. It wouldn’t be possible without your continued help and support. Mark your calendars for June 10th, next months match and plan to party! We will be handing out season trophies for all our season winners along with a massive X-match caliber prize table, a hearty BBQ burgers, dogs and watermelon lunch and if we can fit it in, Drag Racing (cash payout)!!! (thanks to Dylan Whittier for the idea) Bring a friend, we should have enough prizes for all competitors to take something home. See ya in June!

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